F&B Manager

Full Time

job tasks:

Duties and Responsibilities

• Responsible for all activities and matters that affect the preparation and service of food and beverage products

• Organise, plan, direct, and manage the cost-effective operations of the Food & Beverage Department of the Hotel including food and

beverage purchasing, receiving, storing, issuing, stewarding, preparation, and serving of all food and beverage products in the hotel outlets

to ensure the guest experiences the finest cuisine possible.

• Ensure maximum food and beverage profit through effective menu planning, sales promotion, cost, and labor control while maintaining

the highest quality standards for food and beverage products and services in all outlets.

• Organise and direct the planning, preparation, and implementation of menu revisions and/ or additions with Executive Chef and other

staff members to ensure selections, prices and cuisine keep pace with the changing markets on a cost and merchandising basis and new

innovative ideas are incorporated into the food & beverage operation.

• Review and analyze the sales abstracts, bar costs, and the daily flash food cost reports on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to ensure

maximum profitability of all food and beverage operations. Takes corrective action through sub-department heads to ensure budgeted

profit projection will be attained.

• Organise and direct the preparation of the weekly food cover forecasts by all outlet managers; coordinate staffing and set up changes in food and beverage areas as determined from the review and analysis of the weekly forecast, the

outlook, and budget forecast of cover, revenue, and payroll costs for all outlets to ensure the most cost-effective operations possible

without sacrificing service or quality.

• Participates in monthly market visitations to remain cognizant of the availability of goods and market prices to ensure the highest quality

goods are purchased for the hotel and the prices are in accordance with market conditions.

• Directs and manages the handling of all food and beverage inventories purchased by the hotel including the buying of the goods,

receiving of the goods, storing of the goods, and the subsequent issuance of the goods to food and beverage outlets. Responsible for the

day-to-day control of the quality and quantity of the goods received control and cleanliness of the storage facilities (storerooms,

refrigerators, and freezers), and control of the issuance procedure to maintain the highest standards of quality.

• Reviews with the General Manager about sales promotions programs, customer complaints, follow up letters, future bookings, etc. to

maintain the hotels food and beverage operation at the highest standards

• Direct and manage the hotel inventory of china, glassware, silverware, s/s, flatware, and restaurant linen to ensure the service settings

available to food and beverage outlets are of the highest quality and in the finest condition at all times.


What we need from you:

At least 5 year experience as an F&B Manager

Proficiency in English communication

Strong in analytical, problem solving skills, and execution of work


Competitive salary package.

Other perks in accordance with the company's policies and the state regulations.

Hotline: 085.964.3388 (Zalo)

Email: careers@alacartehalongbay.com

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